You may have heard. In the UK the FCA are moving in on the ‘kick the can down the road’ world of Buy Now Pay Later easy credit (eg Klarna, Clearpay and the rest).

I’ve been getting under the skin of consumers in this area for a few months, but if you don’t know BNPL, these are products that account for hundreds of millions of pounds of unregulated lending across Europe and the UK. …

How do you design financial products that delight customers and keep the Financial Regulator happy ? That’s a challenge that financial services (FS) providers face globally. This article describes an innovative process called Evidence Based Compliance (EBC) that can enable providers to maximise commerciality and innovate whilst staying the right side of the regulator — and to do this quickly and cheaply as part of the product design or re-design process.

It’s not just about the product itself though. Providers must comply in the way they describe and sell and deliver their products too.

This need is not restricted to…

This opinion piece is a response to the failure of the Track and Trace App — there have been mistakes made — and these suggest shortcutting established UX design processes, possibly due to govt pressure, at some significant cost. If the UX profession is to engage in this work, it must stand its ground — we need to understand what happened, learn and change.

Remember May 4th? The Track and Trace App coming to rescue faltering faith in our senior management team. …

Mark Hicks

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